Deep + Vocal + Bliss DJ Mix

21 January 2013


A Blue Perspective: Deep + Vocal + Bliss DJ Mix

It's been a while since I did a house music DJ mix, so I thought I'd put together some tunes that I'm feeling at the start of 2013. This one starts off deep, goes vocal and ends on a blissful high, so take a listen, or download all 50 minutes as an MP3 ... continued

Visualising <audio> elements with the Web Audio API

18 September 2012


A Blue Perspective: Visualising <audio> elements with the Web Audio API

For a new project I'm working on I'd like to create an audio-reactive visualisation using ... continued

Perfect Summer DJ Mix

20 January 2012


A Blue Perspective: Perfect Summer DJ Mix

Download the Perfect Summer DJ Mix (175MB) It finally ... continued

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Go Forth and API

An article written for Vitamin promoting the use of Web APIs with JavaScript/AJAX, including some server-side proxying techniques and code snippets.

AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting

A tutorial on how to use the technology behind AJAX, and a discussion of how AJAX interactions affect the usability of web sites.

You want to be a dinosaur?

An article promoting Web Standards to the primarily Flash-oriented audience of the Favourite Website Awards.

The Web Standards Awards

Monthly postings on the cream of Web Standards design on the Internet.


35 Designers x 5 Qs

Smashing Magazine asked the same 5 questions to 35 designers. I was one of them.

By the Book

John Lampard interviewed me about The JavaScript Anthology for OnVoiceOver – a series on Australian creatives.

mcville: Cameron Adams Interview

A light-hearted interview with Marko Mihelcic, organiser of mcville.

Ten questions for Cameron Adams

Ten questions about Web Standards, design, and the Internet from the Web Standards Group.

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  • The places we live

    Jonas Bendiksen provides a heart breaking photo essay that explores the world's poorest residential areas.

    28 July 2009, 11:23

  • Legerete

    This is a beautiful abstract film. Warning, it's a huge (as in wide) Quicktime movie.

    01 May 2009, 14:20

  • The calligraphy of Julien Breton-Kaalam

    I've always been jealous of the letterforms in Arabic and Chinese writing. Julien Breton-Kaalam takes Arabic calligraphy to an entirely transcendent realm, though. Particularly his light calligraphy.

    10 March 2009, 11:35

  • Writing in the Age of Distraction

    Cory Doctorow delivers some great advice for writers, but it also applies to most knowledge workers.

    16 January 2009, 00:22

  • Auditorium

    This is one of the most innovative puzzle games I've seen in a while. It's a cinematic blend of light and sound ... just go and play it, and immerse yourself.

    18 December 2008, 00:09

My Book: Simply JavaScript

Simply JavaScript

Simply JavaScript is an enjoyable and easy-to-follow guide for beginners as they begin their journey into JavaScript. Separated into 9 logical chapters, it will take you all the way from the basics of the JavaScript language through to DOM manipulation and Ajax.

Step-by-step examples, rich illustrations and humourous commentary will teach you the right way to code JavaScript in both an unobtrusive and an accessible manner.

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